Trackdays rallycross

The Winter RX TrackDays are organized by RUMESM and contain free driving time on the RX Track at the Circuit Jules Tachney in Mettet. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to weather conditions. The participants will get divided into two different groups of maximum 30 pilots each.

Group 1: max 30x Buggy type SSV
Group 2: max 30x RX + KartCross

The driving sessions take place on the track under supervision of the Circuit Jules Tacheny Organisation Team and the Safety Team. As medical assistance, 1 doctor, 1 nurse and 1 ambulance are present. The Medical Centre is situated the the bottom floor of the red security tower.

An eventual cancellation of the event will get published on our Facebook page.

Infos générales rallycross

Noise limit : The noise limit is fixed at 100dB, measured dynamicely (original exhaust are highly recommended).
Sessions : The timing will be published on the website and the Facebook page of the Circuit Jules Tacheny at latest 1 week before the event. However, every category will drive as well before noon as in the afternoon, and the total of tracktime for each category is 120 min.
Track : During the Winter RX Trackdays, the pilots of the RX, Kartcross, SSV and SRX cars drive on the Rallycross track of the Circuit Jules Tacheny in Mettet. It’s possible that the track gets adapted due to security reasons.
Dates 2021-2022 season : 19/11/21, 29/1/22, 26/2/22, 18/11/22, 18/12/22
Prices : 150€/car
Minimum ages :
KartCross: From 12 years old.
RX: From 16 years old
SSV: From 18 years old
SRX: From 18 years old
For all minors, a parental autorisation is obligatory. These documents are available at the registration.
Equipment : Racing equipment + helmet + gloves are mandatory.
Medical assistance : 1 doctor, 1 nurse and 1 ambulance are present. The Medical Centre is situated the the bottom floor of the red security tower.
Restauration : The cafetaria, situated at the second floor in the red tower, offers sandwiches and daily dishes and stays open the whole day.
Weather Conditions :
The confirmation or the cancellation of each date due to weather conditions will first get published on the website and the Facebook page of the Circuit Jules Tacheny. If the weather conditions cause a cancellation of the event, the organisation RUMESM reserves the right to cancel one or more dates. If possible, another date will be proposed to all participants.
Regulations : By registering for the Winter RX TrackDays, the participant agrees with the regulations. Click here to consult the rules
Car rental : For those who wish, there’s a possibility to rent a SsangYong SRX car for a Winter RX TrackDay, the car is adapted for RX use.
Cancellation : In case of cancellation by you or by the organiser, no refund will be made.
People who have already paid will receive a voucher valid for all types of trackdays organised by the Circuit Jules Tacheny (except for the coaching given by the FioStarSchool)..
Regulations - Winter RX Trackdays

Safety Instructions

In order to ensure the safety of all users of the track and its facilities, we remind you of the following requirements:
Before entering the track, all participants must pass the document “individual accident insurance” to the organizer.

On track

  • All participants respect scrupulously the safety instructions dictated by the organizer during the briefings. In addition, he must wear full equipment: homologated full face helmet, flame retardant pilot suit, gloves and boots adapted to the practice of the discipline.
  • The vehicles used must have all the guarantees concerning their good condition and their good functioning, especially with regard to brakes and tires. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any vehicle that does not meet these criteria.
  • The entry on the track is done by the exit of the pit lane.
  • To exit the track to the pit lane, the “outgoing” driver will move to the right of the track after the last turn and exit the track through the pit lane entrance.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drive the track in the opposite direction.
  • The driver will never stop on the track, except in case of major force. In this case, he will take care of storing his vehicle (preferably on the insideof the curve) while waiting for instructions from a track marshal. In case of an unforeseen incident, the rule is to clear the track as quickly as possible and go outside of the track.
  • At the beginning of each session, the pilot will take care of heating his tires.
  • Refueling will only take place in the paddocks. It’s prohibited in the pit lane.
  • The driver will drive a very moderate pace in the pit lane (maximum: 20 km / h) as well as in the paddock.


  • The participants are covered by the insurance of the circuit of Mettet in third party liability. They are not covered individually. They can subscribe an individual accident insurance for the day at the circuit of Mettet for the price of 17 €. Form and payment during registration in the morning at the secretariat.
  • Any user of the Mettet circuit is held financially responsible for the damage caused to the circuit installations and infrastructures.
  • The RUMESM TrackDays days are training sessions, not races, which excludes any aggressive behaviour from the part of the drivers.
  • RUMESM reserves the right to exclude any driver who does not respect this state of mind during driving sessions. Accompanying persons are not allowed to drive on the track. Any driver giving up his place to a third party without having previously informed the organizer will automatically be excluded from the day. It is forbidden to cross the track to get to the inside of the circuit. It is particularly recommended to monitor children and not to bring dogs near the track.
  • YELLOW flag: yellow flag waved before and at the height of an accident or during the intervention of the safety team = overtaking prohibited.
  • YELLOW RED flag: change of grip on the track.
  • GREEN flag: free track. Beginning of the training. Authorization to overtake after a yellow flag.
  • RED flag: closed track. Immediate stop of the drivers on the track and return to the stand with slow speed.
  • CHECKERED flag: end of session, return to the stand.

In case of non-compliance with these regulations, the organizers decline all responsibility and reserve the right to stop the driver who’s responsible.