Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny


19 September 2020

Temple of Supermoto in Belgium, Mettet had to be the scene of an event that would allow all the riders to finally get back to the joys of the track after several months of forced standstill. “The Race” will allow supermoto and quad riders to get together in a unique and festive event.

As this unique event is out of the championship, RUMESM wanted to give it a special cachet with a pyramidal qualification system.

At the end of the finals of each category, the best drivers will be able to reach the next level and why not, the grand final!

160 Supermoto riders and 25 quads

Supermoto riders can register in the usual categories of the Belgian Supermoto Championship (beginners, originals, national, euro-national, seniors and prestige) without forgetting 25 quads and the Minimotards.

Behind closed doors

Due to current sanitary measures, the event will unfortunately take place behind closed doors without any public. In addition to the riders, only accompanying persons (maximum 3 persons per driver) and a few guests will be allowed on site.

The RUMESM organisers may review the situation if the decisions of the authorities evolve positively.

Activities throughout the site

Parallel to the Supermoto, the final of the Belgian championship FMB-BMB E-Bike Challenge will take place on November 15th on the upper part of the circuit, whereas training sessions will take place all weekend on the Dirt track. This new tool will enable speed riders to fine-tune their sliding throughout the winter season.

Useful information
Where? Jules Tacheny circuit, rue Saint Donat, 6 – 5640 Mettet
Where? November 14th and 15th, 2020
How much? 130€ for supermoto and quad, 25€ for minimotard (plus the one-event license for non-licensed riders).