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Elf Moto Superbiker

The biggest motorcycling competition sport in Belgium

Elf Moto Superbiker

The ‘Superbiker’ is a unique type of race in which riders in various motorsport disciplines pit their skills against each other in a blend of speed-biking and motocross. The factor that makes it so unusual and popular is that complete amateurs can find themselves competing in the finals against international stars of any type of two-wheeled motorsport.

Around 40,000 spectators a year flock to this huge motor-racing fest of suspense-filled races, action-packed freestyle demos and hair-raising shows: the Superbiker programme is designed to keep the whole family entertained.

Superbiker’s success as a crowd-puller is uncontested given that, since it was first launched on the Mettet circuit in 1986, it has gradually become the biggest organised motorsports competition in Belgium.

Superbiker’s reputation has spread far beyond national borders, and even transcended the frontiers of Europe. In fact, as far afield as the USA, top riders are well-versed in this unmatched sport which started out life in small-town Belgium.


Weekend Adult – 50,00
Weekend Child 12-17 years – 30,00

Sunday Adult – 40,00
Sunday Children 12-17 years old – 20,00 €.

Week-end Adult + Camping – 75,00 €.
Weekend Child 12-17 years + Camping – 55,00 €.

Elf Moto Superbiker