Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny

Superbiker 2023

The biggest motorcycling competition sport in Belgium

Superbiker 2023

The Superbiker is a truly unique race, unlike any other. It brings together riders from various motorsport disciplines, pitting them against each other in a blend of speed-racing and motocross. What makes this event so special and thrilling is the fact that amateur riders have the chance to compete in the finals alongside some of the biggest stars and champions from all types of two-wheeled motorsports. 

Every year, around 40,000 spectators gather to experience this popular festival featuring exciting races, breathtaking freestyle demonstrations, and thrilling shows that are sure to entertain the whole family. Whether you’re a fan of speed, adrenaline, or just love to watch the underdog triumph, the Superbiker is an event that simply cannot be missed.

The Superbiker’s reputation extends far beyond Europe’s borders, with experts and enthusiasts from around the world recognizing this extraordinary competition that saw the light in a small Belgian town. In fact, it became the biggest supermoto event in the world, attracting fans from far and wide to witness its unparalleled spectacle.

Practical info

  • Where : Circuit Jules Tacheny – Mettet
  • When : 6-7-8 october 2023
  • Registrations :
  • Tickets :
Superbiker 2023