Circuit Jules Tacheny

Officially opened on March 12, 2010, the Circuit Jules Tacheny was built on a 34.6-acre site with a 13-metre slope over natural hills that guarantee a panoramic view of the entire track.

The circuit, suitable for both cars and motorbikes, is unique insofar as it can be set up according to who is using it and for what purpose: the event organiser can choose to use one chicane or another as needed.

A hard shoulder around the whole of the track is ideal for cars requiring attention mid-race, emergency services, and of course, reporters.

Its technical track, quality infrastructure and central location in Belgium mean the circuit Jules Tacheny is a favourite among fans, top-level competitors and the best motorsports training schools, as well as for unforgettable free-wheeling experiences.

A team at your service!

First row from left to right: Johnny (treasurer), Sophie and Marie-Rose (executive assistants), Philippe (general manager of the circuit), Heikki (executive director of Royal Union Motor Entre Sambre et Meuse)
Second row from left to right: Martin, Renaud and Stéphane (maintenance workers).