Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny

Our drivers and ambassadors

The circuit is proud to be able to support several Belgian riders and to help them achieve their dreams. Below you will find the presentation of our different riders and ambassadors as well as the Belgian Motorcycle Academy and the Junior Black Knights Team.

Xavier Siméon


The leader of the pack of Zelos Classic 21 riders. In his 17-year career, the Brussels native, born on August 31, 1989, has ridden all types of motorcycles and accumulated titles and victories. At the age of 17, he became European Superstock 600 champion. Three years later he won the World Cup in Superstock 1000. In 2010 Xavier joined the Moto2 world championship. In 2015 he won the German Grand Prix, a season he finished in 7th position, a performance that took him to the MotoGP world championship. In 2019 Siméon was one of the pioneers and took on the first MotoE world championship. There he scored three podiums and a 6th place in the standings. From there he enters the endurance world championship, the peak of his career with 2 world titles and victories in the 24 hours of Le Mans and the Bol d’Or. In 2022 Xavier Simeon is aiming for a third consecutive endurance world championship title.

Barry Baltus


Barry Baltus is the rising star of the Belgian motorcycling in Belgium. Born on May 3, 2004, Baltus has been racing in his second season in Moto2. His mastery of two wheels goes back to his early childhood: “my father told me that if I could ride a bike without small wheels I would have a motorcycle, and a few months later he had to keep his promise. Barry then took up motocross in the garden. At the age of 8 he started racing on the circuit and by the age of 12 he was competing in the CEV pre-Moto3 championship. Fast on the track, he is also fast in his career. In 2018 and 2019 Barry competed in the CEV Moto3, the European Talent Cup where he won and finished 3rd and the Red Bull Rookies Cup. In 2020 Barry made the jump to the Moto3 world championship and the following year he was promoted directly to Moto2 where he was less disadvantaged by his height. In 2022 Barry Baltus competes in his second season in the final echelon before MotoGP. After learning and entering the points twice the Zelos Classic 21 rider is now aiming for a regular top 10 finish.

Lorenz Luciano

Rider and ambassador

Son of a rally driver and a co-driver mother, the Louvier native, born on August 5, 2004, started riding a quad at the age of 3 and competed in his first motocross race two years later but without enjoying the experience. A big fan of Fred Fiorentino, Lorenz was more attracted by the track. In 2013, he took his first turns in the Minimoto category and ended up on the podium of the Belgian championship. The young Hennuyer then attacked the French Pre-Moto3 championship, then moved up to the Northern Talent Cup where he finished runner-up in 2020 and 2021 with 5 wins. A performance that earned Lorenz Luciano the title of young sporting hopeful by the Belgian Motorcycling Federation and the selection by the MotoGP World Championship promoter to join the Red Bull Rookies Cup in 2022. The young Belgian rider will also compete in the European Talent Cup this year, two stepping stones towards the Moto3 world championship.

Camille Mazuin


Born on 16 December 16, 1999, Camille Mazuin started karting at the age of 14 before taking the wheel of a Golf TCR two years later. Very enthusiastic, the Namurian was thinking of going even further when Jean-François Hemroulle advised her to first gain some experience in the Fun Cup. Anxious to do things right, Camille followed the advice of the VW driver by competing in the championship with her father Michaël and her brother Louis. The family team quickly achieved excellent results with a class victory in 2020 – 2021. Camille Mazuin was also one of the six finalist girls in the RACB steering wheel and was able to test a Mercedes AMG and an Audi R8 GT4. In 2022 she will compete in the BGDC championship. Her goal: to live from racing, to drive as many cars as possible and above all to perform well in any discipline. Camille Mazuin was also among the six finalists in the RACB steering wheel.

Emilien Allart


Born on January 25, 2008, Emilien is a man of great vision and breathtaking confidence. Son of Benoît Allart, a former rally and single-seater driver, Emilien decided that he would be a racing driver from the age of 6 after having done his first laps in karting. In 2019 he discovered Kartcross and fell in love with it immediately: “I love the mix of speed and sliding, and the engines are more powerful. The little Marchois has talent, after two seasons entirely devoted to Kartcross, he wins the title at the Belgian championship and the Dutch junior championship. In 2022, Emilien will compete in the French championship. Thanks to his status of Ambassador of the circuit he benefits from facilities to train on the circuit of Mettet and to progress further.

Kobe Pauwels


Born in Diest on October 23, 2004, Kobe is a rallycross ace. It all started on his 10th birthday, when his grandfather took him go-karting. He practiced this discipline for 4 years before following in the footsteps of his father, Koen, who drove in rallycross. The Brabant native immediately made his mark with the title of Belgian junior champion in his first season in 2019. He followed this up with the title of national vice-champion in the senior category and then European RX3 vice-champion in 2021. For Kobe Pauwels rallycross is the most complete discipline in motorsport. In 2022 he is aiming for the title of Belgian Cross Car Champion. His goal is also to be Belgian Cross Car champion, and to be European champion or in RX3. His two idols are Thierry Neuville and Johan Kristoffersson.

Roméo Fiorentino


In the Fiorentino family, motorcycling is in the blood. After Frédéric, the only Belgian rider to have won the Mettet Superbiker four times, here is Romeo, his son, born in La Louvière on March 28, 2000. As soon as he was 5 years old, Roméo started riding a QR50 cross-country bike, then he took part in his father’s FiostarSchool courses. When he was 16 years old Frédéric suggested Roméo to try Supermoto. Roméo tried it and won his first race in the beginners’ category. Since then, the Louvier native has won several races. In the French championship in the challenger category, in the Italian championship, in the Belgian Open Euro-national championship and in the European championship which he finished in 7th position in 2021. In 2022 Romeo Fiorentino will compete in the World Supermoto Championship and in the Italian Championship where he is aiming for the title. He will also be at the Superbiker in Mettet, determined to put the Fiorentino name back on the list of winners.

Belgian Motocycle Academy

The Belgian Motorcycle Academy (BMA) was created at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of detecting, training and guiding the riders of tomorrow. It is aimed at young riders, from 7 to 17 years old, and offers them a training of at least 20 days per year, supervised by coaches, renowned riders, such as Stéphane and Fred Fiorentino. All types of riding are covered, speed of course, but also supermotard, cross, dirt track and trials, so that the trainees learn all the facets of riding a motorcycle. The BMA is recognised by Dorna and is officially part of the international Road to MotoGP program.

Team Junior Black Knights

This is the national junior motorcycle team, in pure speed and supermoto. The two speed riders are Noa Cuypers and Loris Dekkers, who compete in the Nothern Talent Cup. On the supermoto side, the team is composed of Valentin Durand, Tom Rolin and Evan Gourmet. They compete in the French and Belgian championships. The members of the Junior Black Knights Team all come from the Belgian Motorcycle Academy.