Mettet Dirt Trackdays - Track experience

Mettet Dirt Trackdays

Track experience

In 2018, the Jules Tacheny Circuit inaugurated the only Dirt Track in Belgium, 226 m long and 15 m wide. After a few months of testing, the track was completely renewed at the end of 2019 and a definitive track was introduced that meets the highest requirements of the discipline.

Don’t forget: Dirt Track is very popular with many famous pilots such as Marc Marquez, Johan Zarco, Valentino Rossi or Thomas Chareyre, just to name a few. Dirt Track is a great way to learn different driving techniques and sliding control!

During Dirt Track days, pilots have the opportunity to ride freely (15 laps runs) or to participate in coaching sessions (morning sessions) under the supervision of a professional coach.

You will have the possibility to rent a motorcycle belonging to the Circuit Jules Tacheny (YCF 150 4-stroke Dirt Track – AJP 150 4-stroke equipped Dirt Track).


Mettet Dirt Trackdays - Track experience
Mettet Dirt Trackdays - Track experience
Mettet Dirt Trackdays - Track experience

General information


Coaching :
185€/person + 50€ motorbike rental

Free ride :
Coming soon

50€/person/day (suit + boots + helmets + gloves + goggles)
25€/person (protective waistcoat + boots)”.


Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Morning: coaching
Afternoon: free ride

General information Speedway

Dear Speedway fans,

We recently started the Speedway Try-out days.

Our intention is for you to become familiar with this sport under the supervision of a certified instructor.

The price for one day is 125€ including:

  • supervision from 9am to 4pm
  • use of equipment and motorcycles
  • oil and gasoline

Leather or off-road suit with mandatory protection, gloves, boots and helmet.

The dates will be published on the Facebook page Training&Try-out.

For more information, please contact our Speedway specialist: Willy Kennis

+32 477 23 21 52

In case of cancellation

In case of cancellation by you or by the organiser, no refund will be made.
Those who have already paid will receive a voucher valid for all types of track days organised by the Circuit Jules Tacheny (with the exception of the coaching given by the FioStarSchool).


Registrations can only be made via the registration form below.

Your registration will be valid and final as soon as we have received payment by European bank transfer (RUMESM ASBL - IBAN code: BE74 0689 4385 6507 - BIC code: GKCCBEBB) to our account ! !! NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER !!!

!!! New rules on noise management - see general info "noise control" !!!

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam.

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