Jules Tacheny circuit

Keys facts

  • Lenght : 2 280m
  • Width : 12m
  • Length on straight : length 609m, width : 14m
  • Rallycross Track : 1 149 m (60% tarmac et 40% off-road)
  • Supermoto Track : 1 428 m (66% tarmac et 34% off-road)
  • Dirt track : length 226m, width 15m (ash track)

The circuit offers numerous possibilities for alternative tracks for simultaneous training with multiple groups.

Circuit records

  • Lap record/fastest time (motorcycle): 1’03″550 (Gregory Fastre – BMW S1000RR – 2011)
  • Lap record/fastest time (car): 1’03″202 (Philippe Daniels – Norma – 2011)
  • Lap record/fastest time (650cc 70CV shifter kart): 1:05.8
  • Lap record/fastest time (650cc 50CV non-gearbox kart): 1:10.2

Chicanes, a tribute to legends

The circuit is renowned for the technical nature of its 10 bends, seven of which are left-hand and three right-hand, each of which bears the name of a famous motorsport competitor with at least one victory in Mettet:

John Surtees (seven-times world champion in 350cc and 500cc and Formula 1 world champion, with three Mettet wins)

Fergus Andersson (twice-world champion in 350cc with six victories in Mettet)

Jack Findlay (world champion in 750cc with one win in Mettet)

Giacomo Agostini (15-times world champion in 350cc and 500cc, with three Mettet victories)

Jarno Saarinen (world champion in 250cc, won twice in Mettet)

Didier de Radiguès (reserve world champion in 250cc, with two victories in Mettet and winner of the Grand Trophy in 1980)

Richard Hubin (endurance world champion, won three times in Mettet and winner of the Grand Trophy in 1979)

Stéphane Mertens (endurance world champion, reserve world Superbike champion, six victories in Mettet and winner of the Grand Trophy in 1984 and 2006)

Stéphane Chambon (world Supersport champion, won 10 times in Mettet in Superbiker and Starbiker)

Michaël Paquay (European Supersport champion, with two victories in Mettet and winner of the Grand Trophy in 1993 and 1998)


Level with the track, a lower paddock – the ‘Hollander Space’ – occupies 2.22 acres and is fitted with electrical sockets and on-tap water, and is reserved for circuit-users only.
An upper paddock can be accessed by visitors.
In total, over 9.88 acres are set aside for circuit-users and visitors, all of which is enclosed, monitored by CCTV and equipped with lighting.


Mettet town is in the centre of Belgium, 30 kilometres from Brussels South Charleroi Airport, 25 kilometres from Namur, 80 kilometres from Brussels and 85 kilometres from Liège.


The Mettet circuit respects the environment and strives to protect its natural surroundings: runoff water is collected in a stormwater basin, trees are planted around the grounds to cushion the noise nuisance and avoid spoiling the view from outside, hydrocarbon is collected in sealed-off tanks, waste is carefully sorted, among other ‘green management’ efforts to ensure sustainability.