Jules Tacheny

Jules Tacheny, world record-breaker

Born in 1907, Jules Tacheny was drawn to motorsport from a very young age. He became a garage apprentice in 1924, but only had one idea in his head: getting into competition. Already a garage-owner at age 18, it was a natural step for him to enter the board of the burgeoning sports club, the Motor Union in the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region.

Jules Tacheny’s first motorbike was an FN 350cc and he won his first race in Sorinnes without his parents’ knowledge. Several years after his promising début, Tacheny notched up victory after victory, attracting the attention of the official FN factory team which would take him on board alongside Milhoux, Demeuter and Noir. By 1931, he would have broken no less than 41 world records on the circuit at the stadium in Montlhéry, leading to FN becoming an international household name and surpassing the achievements of the then superior British factory bikes. In 1934 and 1935, Jules Tacheny became Belgian champion in Francorchamps – despite his numerous Grand Prix successes overseas, Tacheny considered winning at home his greatest achievement, something he succeeded at on his own circuit in 1946.

That year, battling through torrential rain and at nearly 40 years of age, Tacheny would go on to complete the fastest round and clinch the Grand Trophy in the Senior category, beating some of the biggest international names of the time, his lifelong dream – which had become almost an obsession – finally becoming reality. He decided to call time on his motorsport competition career in 1952, but would continue at the coalface from the ground right up until his sudden death in a crash on the Floreffe circuit, a venue that had seen him roar to victory in times of old.

L’épopée Moto, les années Jules Tacheny

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