Belgian Rallycross Championship

The date for 2019 is not yet known

Rest assured, you won’t have to wait too long: the Belgian Rallycross championship season is set to open on February 25, 2018 on the Jules Tacheny circuit in Mettet. Dozens of super-powerful Rallycross cars will flood onto the track to the great delight of fans and, with over 80 racing drivers signed up, a thrilling show is guaranteed.

Rallycross (RX) is unique insofar as it offers races of a rare intensity: they take place over four tours and the action is immediate with a blend of impulse, skids and bumps. RX is a spectator sport par excellence and there’s no time to get bored, because there’s no interruption in the string of races until after the finals. Fans get to watch numerous neck-and-neck starts to explosive runs held over four to six tours.

The World Rallycross Championship (WRX)’s success has largely contributed to the sport’s growing popularity – once again this year, numerous racing drivers have leap-frogged into the Belgian championships, and last year’s winners will be back in contention in 2018, making the new season a spectacle you certainly don’t want to miss.

In contrast to other types of motorsport, RX offers a rare intensity but with the full safety standards of any other circuit and adapted specially for child spectators who will love watching cars slide around bumping into each other.

Just to add variation, spectacular Kart Cross demos will take place throughout this exceptional event, and photography fans will also be in their element: the Jules Tacheny circuit offers a raised panoramic view so fans can immortalise the most intense moments of the race from the best possible angle.
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Anyone who wants to take part as a racing driver is welcome to enrol using the form below.

But if you would rather sit on the sidelines instead of being in the thick of it – without missing a single morsel of the excitement – you can buy your entry tickets on the day for €15 (children under 16 get in free).