Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny

Belgian Rallycross Championship

Belgian Rallycross Championship

On November 20 and 21 it will be “door to door” on the Jules Tacheny circuit.

Mettet will host one round of the Belgian RX Championship.

The races will be intense. Super-fast sprints of 4 or 6 laps on a tailor-made course that mixes sections of the speed track and sections of dirt in the middle of the circuit.

A selective and technical course where gliding turns, jumps and accelerations ‘pedal to the metal’f will decide the best rallycross drivers. No time to breathe: the starts are linked, without interruption, until the finals.

And this for the six categories in competition: Super National + of 2 liters. Super National – 2 liters. Junior Crosskart, Senior Crosskart and RST Junior.

Powerful and impressive cars. Engine noise. Full slide braking.  Drivers who do not hesitate to go into contact. The show will be awe-inspiring, to the delight of the spectators who will benefit from an overview of the track.

To remember :

  • Jules Tacheny circuit in Mettet.
  • Saturday and Sunday 20 and 21 November.
Belgian Rallycross Championship