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A brand new system of electronic flags

The Jules Tacheny circuit has recently been equipped with a brand new system of electronic flags. This improves the visibility of information in all circumstances and takes the infrastructure to a new level.

During a visit to the Dijon-Prenois circuit, Freddy Tacheny and Philippe Dujardin were won over by the flag display system implemented in Bourgogne. Contacts were then made with the Spanish company Alkamel Systems, specialized in this field.

It took only 3 days for the technical service providers, supported by the circuit team, to install the entire system. The trenches were carried out by the company Wanty, while all the electricity/fiber part was taken care of by the SA Ronveaux (Wanty group).
Mettet Fer took care of the placement of all the metal structures.
The expertise of Alkamel Systems is no longer to be demonstrated, the Spanish company worked, for example, for the Barcelona, Losail and Monza circuits.

No less than one kilometer of electrical ducts and 900 m of optical fiber were placed to supply the 7 led panels at the edge of the track. This technical update also allows to answer in the future to possible requests from organizers (electricity, broadcast…).

Circuit Jules Tacheny – Mettet – AlKamel Systems

The lights (FIA and FIM approved) have also been replaced on the starting gantry, without forgetting the addition of entry lights in the pitlane.

For the safety managers in the control tower, this system is very reactive and intuitive with a visualization of all the posts on the circuit map. All the flags are quickly accessible. At the edge of the track, the marshals have a remote control to activate the yellow flag and grip change indications.
But everything can be adjusted upstream at the race direction level.

affichage d'un drapeau jaune électronique

Circuit Jules Tacheny – Mettet – AlKamel Systems

This LED system also has the advantage of being very efficient if weather conditions deteriorate or if the brightness decreases.

This update of the Jules Tacheny Circuit facilities offers a new high-performance tool to the organizers.

Nouvel affichage sur le portique de départ

Circuit Jules Tacheny – Mettet – AlKamel Systems

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